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Onalerona Mosimege

Software Developer @ (SA)

Automation in HealthTech

I will be talking about the HealthTech industry, how technology can be introduced to health solutions, the work that the company I work for has done with regards to the COVID outbreak, and how machine leaning can make diagnosis easier, and bring health workers together.

Attendees will learn tools to use to build systems for automation, chat bots, and how backend engineering and machine learning can merge into one.

Onalerona’s passion for computer science started at the age of 15, when she ran a successful program for the first time. She has since then dedicated her life to social impact for women in tech. She has previously been a volunteer for Code4CT, an organisation that teaches high school girls how to code. She also is often involved in organising free software development workshops for women who have interest in coding, but no experience in the field. She previously was the chairperson for Women in Computer Science at the University of Cape Town. Within that time period, she was awarded the Entelect Social Responsiveness Award for her impact in the computer science community.

Aside from her community work, she works as a Software Engineer for, a tech non-profit company that focuses on health solutions for the disadvantaged.

Her daily work involves designing products and services that address real needs, combining human-centred design and agile development processes, employing a creative approach to problem solving that starts with people.