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Rumbidzai Chitakunye

Masters Candidate @ NUST (NAM)

The Future of Mobile Applications

The need of mobile cloud computing and the concept of mobile cloud computing becomes more popular because mobile devices have limitations in their operations which include limited battery life, limited storage capacity, limited processing power and poor efficiency and reliability in resource demanding applicationsThe concept of mobile cloud computing has become of greater importance and it’s applied in different sectors that is mobile commerce, mobile healthcare, mobile gaming, mobile education and many other sectors. Mobile cloud computing gives rise to another concept known as elasticity, in mobile cloud computing the main goal is to achieve elasticity by adoption of the concept of offloading. Elasticity is brought about when a mobile application running on a mobile device requires more processing power and consumes more battery life that is the mobile device might fail to perform any processing on the launched application, the processing is instantly offloaded to the cloud and results are returned to the mobile device, or another case might be when the application needs to access big data which the mobile device cannot store due to limited storage thus accessibility is made possible by contacting the cloud. Thus in mobile clouding we achieve elasticity or use elastic applications by using the concept of offloading.Challenges associated with Mobile cloud computing include security, privacy and trust, bandwidth and data transfer,data management and synchronization and energy efficiency. Towards improving security and privacy in mobile cloud computing the researcher proposed the offloading process with the use of docker containers. Docker containers package an application in a file system which contains all that is needed to run an application regardless of the environment since it uses a client server architecture.

The aim of this talk is to encourage developers to adopt the concept of mobile cloud computing when developing applications and also to help in mitigating the challenges that comes with mobile cloud computing since mobile cloud computing is where technology is going due to the increase of mobile phones and increase in usage of internet as it is being viewed as a basic commodity in most countries.

Rumbidzai Chitakunye, is a 25 year old holder of a BTech Honours in Software Engineering from Harare Institute of Technology, currently pursuing a Master of Computer Science at Namibia University of Science and Technology. I Have worked at Harare Institute of Technology for the past year as a Teaching Assistant and mentor in the software engineering department. I have attended several conferences which include Girls in ICT. I have also presented a paper in Madagascar at the Ubuntu Conference in 2019.I have also written a paper on mobile cloud computing which was presented at the EEMMCC conference in India due for publication.